Superlift 3800 Hofmann Boombooster Flexframe 9 587e3c9987144 Not just when setting up the crane and with hoists the Split Tray and Flex Frame options that we were using as well, but also during the actual work later on, explains crane operator Christoph Bergmaier. And the reason was obvious, as the very idea behind these two Terex solutions is exactly the kind of thing crane operators want: The Superlift Split Tray is used when erecting the main boom. Once the main boom is set up, the counterweight that is no longer required can simply be uncoupled, after which the Superlift 3800 crane can move with only the Superlift counterweight that is still needed. After the crane is done with its work, the counterweight that was originally removed can be quickly put back in place in order to lower the main boom. This quick-coupling technology eliminated the work involved in rearranging counterweights for the Hofmann team, which reduced the setup time, eliminated the need for an assist crane, and made it possible to work with a smaller team. The Flex Frame unit also proved to be helpful when setting up the crane, as the team used it to increase the Superlift radius to 69 feetso that it would be possible to erect the boom, with its total length of 581 feet, without the need for an assist crane. Before this, however, the team had to overcome a different challenge, namely, the relatively steep slope at the tough work site. A boom with this kind of length needs to be kept at a perfectly horizontal position, explains Bergmaier. Because of this, the technicians first had to set up a support platform of the same length in order to compensate for the slope. Once all the preparation work was complete and the crane was set up, the team made the necessary arrangements so that the Superlift 3800 would have the required working configuration: The Superlift counterweight, which was only needed to erect the boom, was quickly removed without any need for the laborious rearrangement work that would have been required without the Split Tray option.

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This left only 28 tonsof remaining counterweight, which was still more than enough to enable the crane to handle all the upcoming lifts.

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