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Tokyo University’s MHI-delivered Shinyo Maru (Photo: JSEA) Many opportunities for Japanese fishing vessel owners can be found (now) that the government there has agreed to have the vessel built in accordance with Icelandi c drawings, says Mr. Emilsson. Japanese delegations that included Fisheries Agency officials, labor groups and ordinary fishermen started arriving in Iceland in 2012, about a year after the devastating Great Eastern Japan Earthquake triggered a tsunami that killed thousands and destroyed countless

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fishing vessels and their supporting infrastructure. Government financial help prioritized fisheries piers and quays but quickly spread to fishing cooperatives with grants and loans to buy replacements LOLER for lost vessels. Others used insurance. Before and since the tsunami, a government program was already ratcheting up payments for energy efficient engines, power plants and fishing gear (10 percent of current subsidy of $1.2 billion, according to a report for the European Union). Yard activity Just a handful of Japans shipyards many of which build non-fisheries behemoths focus on medium-sized fishing boats. Miho Shipyard Co.; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, or MHI; Marine Hydrtotec Co., or MHT; Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., or MES and Niigata Shipbuilding & Repair look to have been the busiest in recent months. They have built about a dozen vessels a year up to 500 GT since the 1990s. Mitsubishi is fresh from delivering the 64-meter-long 1,000 GT fisheries training vessel, Shinyo Maru, for Tokyo University. A stern trawler in form, the Shinyo Maru will notably help study vessel operations that include trawling, squid jigging and long-line fishing.

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The ICA is the second of eight invited institutions to reach the advanced stage of the grant program, said Alison Gilchrest , program officer for Arts and Cultural Heritage at Mellon. "Cultural heritage lives around us everywhere and needs attention, and that's the function of the regional centers and why they were created," she said. "That's why we believe they're so important to continue to support." ICA Art Conservation will help restore this 1955 Skylancer jet, once flown by Neil Armstrong, and now located at the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta. Photo Courtesy ICA objects conservator Mark Erdmann.Mark Erdmann Building on strengths The Mellon grant will help ICA to hire a paper conservator specializing in Asian art, along with asecond conservator of textiles. The ICA plans to expand its capacity to care for textiles, sculpture and decorative objects, and works on paper, all growing areas of its practice -- and its revenue stream. The grant will also help the ICA buy equipment including an air dryer for abrasive blasting and painting of objects, plus an industrial steam cleaner, a dry-ice blaster, and a portable gantry for lifting heavy objects inside the lab and outside during onsite treatments. Additionally, the grant establishes a reserve fund to address short- and long-term maintenance at its home in a three-story, early 20th-century Venetian Gothic-style building at 2915 Detroit Ave. in Ohio City's burgeoning Hingetown neighborhood. Grant on top of grants The new grant follows quickly after two othersfrom Mellon in 2016 andearlier this year that totaled $307,000. Those grants, designed to strengthen the ICAfinancially, bring the total awarded recently by Mellon to $807,000. Founded in 1952 at Oberlin College's Allen Memorial Art Museum as the Intermuseum Conservation Association, ICA originally served as a central lab for Midwest art museums that didn't have their own in-house departments to care for works of art.

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